Mission Communication

Project Abstract

Mission Communication is a project dedicated to creating a simple and accurate translation app that plans on eliminating a lot of the errors in current translation apps through being culturally sensitive. This application is intending to eliminate errors such as grammar problems and incorrect word-choice through a cultural respect that will allow users - especially those with language limitations - to be able to communicate easier.

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The primary title is the "Mission Communication" which is the name of the project. A subtitle of the "Mission Communication" is our section number and team number. The text box showcases our primary goal and a simple catchphrase that embodies our goal of being able to foster connection and communication through culture. The images of the phones display the prospective design for the product at its current state of development. The images showcase - from left-to-right - the main menu design, the option menu design, and a particular menu design. There is also a Team Information section that showcases the team member's names (Danae O'Connor, Phuong-Anh Nguyen. Nadine Ramirez, and Amjad Abo).

Project presentation

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