Project Abstract

Switching to mostly online learning has come with quite a few struggles. Even before the pandemic, a lot of school work was done by the student online using computers. Our app is designed to help students through this tough time, and to the future of learning using computers. The app is configured to what the school wants to prioritize so that their students using the app stay on track. Anything the student does on the app loops back to the school and what they put out there. The app is a large resource with many different routes including articles, videos, and live chats for the students to use, but is ultimately controlled by the school.

Our Brainery logo is meant to be a big attention grabber. The logo consists of a brain over a book. The intended takeaway from any user/viewer is that this is meant to be a center of knowledge and learning. The definition of Brainery is, “A place of study or training in a special field. academy. School.” This definition precisely describes the purpose of Brainery and will be a place for students to study and excel in their respective fields through communication with other classmates and teachers.

Project presentation

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