Blue Penguin AR/VR App

Project Abstract

With the use of innovative technology, such as augmented and virtual reality, we can minimize the separation between individuals and maximize communication around the world while introducing users to the benefits of these applications. Our Blue Penguin AR/VR app combines these tools to provide accessible services and resources for consumers to fulfill their individualized needs. The app integrates educational, social, and therapeutic features that utilize augmented lenses and virtual content to allow students, patients, and other users to have interactive experiences when they use our platform. Despite social distancing, our design will connect people together and we aim to engage individuals with our one-of-a-kind AR lenses.

Visit the Blue Penguin AR/VR App website.


The title of our project/product is shown across the top of the image. Our group’s visual abstract depicts a user who is holding one of our cardboard VR headsets. The icons and images on the left show some of our augmented reality app features, such as experiencing Korean culture and learning about paleontology. The heart icon represents another feature in the app which provides mental health resources for individuals. In short, the abstract image summarizes our design by highlighting the educational, social, and therapeutic functions from our AR/VR app.

Project presentation

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