The C.M.E.T.- College Mini Electronic Transportation

Section 003

Project Abstract

Are you a college student, who can’t seem to ever get to class on time because of your pesky slow legs!? While we have a solution for you, it is the C.M.E.T! What is the C.M.E.T. you may ask, it is the college mini electronic transportation. It is your childhood dream coming true with it’s electronic mini style so you can drive it on sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks like a bike but waaaaay cooler and waaaay more efficient, you’ll never be late for class again!

The C.M.E.T which stands for College Mini Electronic Transportation is a smaller jeep-like vehicle that will be accessed via the cu Denver Student ID card. It will only be able to be activated on campus grounds and run around 10mph for safety but also for efficiency. The features will include 2 seats for carpooling, electronic/eco friendly, cup holder, aux cord, storage space, and a customizable outside for all students to design.

Prototype Demo

Project presentation

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