Assistive Bracelet for the Elderly

Section 003

Project Abstract

Many elderly people live alone and require assistance with their everyday tasks due to memory loss and arthritis, but most of them do not want to lose their autonomy. We wanted to create something that would help them complete their daily tasks, but also remain mostly autonomous. In order to keep it simple, we came up with a bracelet. The bracelet is designed to function as a key to allow the user to open the door without a physical key (as this can be difficult with arthritis), it would contain a magnet that would allow them to unlock the door by holding their wrist up to an automatic lock, it would also alert the user when exactly they should take their medicine via an alarm, and it would have a code for doctors to scan to be able to pull up their medical history immediately. The key aspect of the design is its simplicity—it is designed specifically to assist elderly people who are unfamiliar with technology.

Project presentation

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