A Breath of Fresh Air

Section 001

Project Abstract

For our project this semester, we decided to create a mask that would both protect people from air pollution, and airborne pathogens. Especially with the rise of Covid-19, masks have become something that all of us are familiar with. We use it on almost a daily basis, and it protects us from Covid. They can be uncomfortable and also don't protect us from air pollution (Which has been getting worse throughout the years).Through the iterative design process our group came up with a mask that allows users to keep themselves protected with several key features in mind. We created a mask that blocks both air pollution and viruses, keeping the user protected when using the product. We have also incorporated a scent system, so that if you happen to have bad breath, you will still enjoy a fresh smell. We also made it so that the mask would stay secured to your head with a band, instead of two ear loops, which helps with the overall comfort of the product. This design, will help protect people, while providing a better user experience when compared to standard masks.

Prototype Demo

Project presentation

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