Bioengineering Bachelor of Science

Bioengineers improve human health by applying the science and technology of engineering to clinical problems in medicine. If you are interested in working at the interface of life sciences, engineering and clinical medicine, while advancing scientific discovery on a medical school campus, this program is for you.

The bachelor of science in bioengineering at CU Denver emphasizes the professional competencies of leadership, communication, presentation and critical problem solving. You will learn:

  • how to design new medical devices and technologies.
  • how the body responds to implanted medical devices.
  • how to generate solutions for current clinical and research problems using engineering principles.
  • how to discuss and present research and design to a variety of audiences.
  • how to convey research results in a precise clinical, academic, or entrepreneurial context.


The bioengineering bachelor of science degree is a 128-credit-hour program that includes:

  • CU Denver core curriculum required courses (24 credit hours)
  • Pre-major coursework (56 credit hours)
  • Upper-division bioengineering courses (48 credit hours)

See the degree map for more information and a sample plan of study.


Average starting salary: $64,257 per year

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