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6 May | Advanced Analysis for Precision cancer Therapy (ADAPT)

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Alison Pearks
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6 May | Advanced Analysis for Precision cancer Therapy (ADAPT)


The ADAPT program aims to bring together researchers in systems biology, bioinformatics, mathematical modeling, and oncology to address the challenge of treating ever-changing metastatic cancer. To meet this goal, the ADAPT program invites proposals to three inter-connected technical areas:

  • TA 1: Therapy Recommendation Techniques - including multi-modal data fusion, resistant trait modeling, and development of biomarkers to predict drug response
  • TA 2: Evolutionary Clinical Trial - treats patients during multiple therapy lines by discovering emergent resistant traits and therapy biomarkers developed in TA1
  • TA 3: Treatment & Analysis Platform - unites researchers and clinicians through the creation of a cancer treatment and analysis platform to enable real-time data availability






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