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12 April | Growing Convergence Research (GCR)

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Alison Pearks
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12 April | Growing Convergence Research (GCR)


This GCR solicitation targets multidisciplinary teams who are embracing convergence research as a means of developing highly innovative solutions to complex research problems. Convergence research has two primary characteristics: the research is driven by a specific and compelling problem, and there is deep integration across disciplines. GCR proposals are expected to be bold and address scientific or technical challenges and bottlenecks which if resolved have the potential to transform scientific understanding and solve vexing problems. Successful GCR projects are anticipated to lead to paradigm shifting approaches within disciplines, establishment of new scientific communities, or development of transformative technologies that have the potential for broad scientific or societal impact.


The proposers must outline a five-year research plan delineated in two phases, Phase I: years 1-2, and Phase II: years 3-5. The total budget for Phase I may not exceed $1,200,000, and the total for Phase II may not exceed $2,400,000. Successful proposals will be funded initially for two years. Each team's progress will be evaluated at a reverse site visit near the end of year 2; this will involve preparing a progress report and making a team presentation to a panel of reviewers/site visitors. 



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