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12 March | Re-X Before Recycling Prize

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Alison Pearks
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12 March | Re-X Before Recycling Prize


The Re-X Before Recycling Prize is designed to stimulate innovation and private investment in circular economy approaches that can transform waste streams into diverse, integrated circular supply networks and contribute to a robust, environmentally sustainable economy. The prize is seeking innovations to unlock new or expanded supply chains that can reintegrate end-of-use products into the economy via re-use, repair, refurbishment, remanufacturing, and/or repurposing (“Re-X”) before recycling. This prize has three phases; Phase 1: Identify! is for teams to identify a new or expanded Re-X supply chain innovation, including its potential community benefits, and create a plan to advance the innovation from its current state towards implementation in a viable Re-X supply chain. Individuals can apply (you will receive the award directly; you will be responsible for the application, paying taxes, and cannot use CU Denver facilities for the work), or faculty can apply through CU Denver to support ongoing research (26% IDC will apply).









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