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18 Jan | Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals Ecosystem

| All Day
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Alison Pearks
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18 Jan | Strengthening the Cyberinfrastructure Professionals Ecosystem


**This is a limited submission opportunity. Please work with your research admin to go through the limited submission process.

The overarching goal of this program is (1) deepen the integration of CIPs into the research enterprise, and (2) foster innovative and scalable education, training, and development of instructional materials, to address emerging needs and unresolved bottlenecks in CIP workforce development. The program aims to do this by democratizing access to NSF’s advanced cyberinfrastructure (CI) ecosystem and ensure fair and equitable access to resources, services, and expertise. All projects are expected to clearly articulate how they address essential community needs, will provide resources that will be widely available to and usable by the research community, and will broaden participation from underrepresented groups. Prospective PIs are strongly encouraged to contact the Cognizant Program Officers in CISE/OAC and in the participating directorate/division relevant to the proposal to ascertain whether the focus and budget of their proposed activities are appropriate for this solicitation. Such consultations should be completed at least one month before the submission deadline.

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