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10 Nov | Critical Material Innovation, Efficiency, and Alternatives

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Alison Pearks
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10 Nov | Critical Material Innovation, Efficiency, and Alternatives


This FOA is designed to generate research, development and demonstration (RD&D) that will support the building of robust, responsible, domestic critical mineral and material supply chain for clean energy technologies and to address national security needs. This funding opportunity is looking to develop bench scale concepts in the technical readiness level (TRL) 0 to 4 range and to demonstrate processes on a continuous/semicontinuous bench scale before scaling up to pilot scale (TRL 6). DOE intends that the RD&D performed in this FOA will reduce resource use (e.g., energy, water, chemicals), negative environmental impacts (e.g., CO2, air, and water emissions), and costs, compared to currently used technologies. The FOA will consist of five Areas of Interest (AOI):

  • AOI 1: Critical Minerals and Materials Supply Chain
  • AOI 2: Value Added Products
  • AOI 3: Next Generation Technologies
  • AOI 4: Alternative Materials
  • AOI 5: Alternative Products
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