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29 Sept | Wind Turbine Materials Recycling Prize: Initiate! Phase

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Alison Pearks
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29 Sept | Wind Turbine Materials Recycling Prize: Initiate! Phase


DOE invites competitors to present innovative technologies that have not been applied to the recycling of wind energy system materials, as well as technologies that could substantially improve existing wind energy technologies material recycling processes. These may be technologies with commercial maturity in other industries and novel technologies that have not yet been applied commercially anywhere in the United States. The Initiate! Milestones are:

  • An identification of the industry gap addressed by the technology. 
  • A brief description of the technology and how it would address the identified gap. 
  • A plan to develop and validate the concept, with a specific plan for a small-scale prototype demonstration during the next phase. 
  • Identification of key technical, financial, and regulatory risks to industrialization of the concept. 
  • An initial estimation of the market size and description of the intended industry ecosystem, including related industries and potential deployment locations. 
  • A Community Benefits Plan to address how an award would (1) advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility; (2) contribute to energy equity; and (3) invest in America’s workforce. 
  • Competitors are encouraged to submit a dataset relevant for life cycle assessment.

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