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28 June | Development and Deployment of Innovative Asphalt Pavement Technologies (AIDPT)

| All Day
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Alison Pearks
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The purpose of this program is to issue a cooperative agreement support the deployment and rapid adoption throughout the United States of innovative asphalt pavement technologies with presentations, workshops, conferences, innovation demonstrations, peer-to-peer Exchanges, technical briefs, and other tools. The subject of these items will include but not be limited to: 

  • New and innovative asphalt pavement materials; 
  • New and innovative resource-responsible (RR) use of materials for asphalt pavement systems; 
  • New and innovative design, specifications, and practices; 
  • New and innovative sustainable pavement specifications and practices; 
  • New and innovative workforce development practices; and 
  • New and innovative real-time pavement production and construction controls. 


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