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White paper due 23 June | Communications and Networks Applied Research Program

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Alison Pearks
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The goal of the Communications and Networking Program is to develop measurable advances in technology that can directly enable and enhance end-to-end connectivity and quality-of-service for mission-critical information exchange among widely dispersed naval, joint, and coalition forces. ONR is interested in white papers for projects under the following focus areas: 

1. Novel concepts / designs for electrically small antennas and arrays for tactical platforms with constrained size, weight, and power; 

2. Next-generation techniques to address both co-site and external electromagnetic interference on tactical platforms; 

3. Innovative approaches and technologies for low probability-of-detection communications against advanced electronic threats; 

4. Control mechanisms in wireless networks to efficiently and reliably deliver traffic with varying level of service requirements (e.g., latency, loss rate, priority), while resilient to uncertainty in network state awareness and imperfect coordination amongst distributed controllers; and 

5. Learning-based approaches for monitoring traffic patterns, mission priorities, Commander’s Intent, etc. to predict and optimize for near-term deviations in application and network requirements. 


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