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5 June | CSGrad4US Fellowship

| All Day
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Alison Pearks
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The CSGrad4US Fellowships support graduate study leading to research-based doctoral degrees in CISE disciplines. Applicants must be US citizens, nationals, or permanent residents; have a bachelor degree conferred prior to 31 Dec 2022 in a CISE core competency; have not enrolled in a degree-granting program since 01 Jan 2023; have not applied to a doctoral degree-granting program in a CISE discipline; wish to obtain a doctoral degree in computer science, computer engineering, or information science; and are prepared to attend grad school in the fall of 2025. To receive the CSGrad4US Fellowship, individuals must participate in the CSGrad4US Mentoring Program in Fall 2023. Recipients will receive a $37K stipend and $16K cost-of-education allowance for three years out of a five-year fellowship period. Awards will be made to the degree-granting institution of the applicant.


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