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White paper due 19 May | FY24 Multidisciplinary Research Program of the University Research Initiative (MURI)

| 04:00 AM - 05:00 AM
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Alison Pearks
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DoD's MURI program addresses high-risk basic research and attempts to understand or achieve something that has never been done before. The program is focused on multidisciplinary research efforts where more than one traditional discipline interacts to provide rapid advances in scientific areas of interest to the DoD. There are 25 topics, broken down by DOD agency:


Topic 1: Interventions in Large and Complex Networks: Prediction, Monitoring and Evaluation 

Topic 2: The Deep Sea Benthic Boundary Layer; Interactions and Coupling with the Deep Seabed 

Topic 3: Machine Learning Methods for Phase Change Heat Transfer Modeling and Design 

Topic 4: Complexity Science Disorder-Promoted Synchronization 

Topic 5: Theory and Algorithms for Learning and Decision-Making in Multi-Agent Systems

Topic 6: Reexamining Ocean Effects on Atmospheric Wind Drag and Enthalpy Flux 

Topic 7: Understanding Thermal and Mechanical Behavior in High Temperature Materials 

Topic 8: Understanding and Tailoring the Interactions between Metamaterials and Hypersonic Flows 

Topic 9: Cognitive and Neuroscience-Inspired Problem-Solving for Autonomous Systems in Physical Environments 


Topic 10: Plasmon-Controlled Single-Atom Catalysis 

Topic 11: A New Mathematical Paradigm for Integrating Data, Models, Decisions 

Topic 12: AlN Semiconductors for High-Power Electronics 

Topic 13: Compositionally Complex Ceramics (CCCs) via Knowledge-Guided Pyrolysis for Hypersonics 

Topic 14: Piezoelectric Materials Interfaced with Semiconductors for Integrated Quantum Systems 

Topic 15: Space-Based Characterization of Arctic Permafrost Dynamics 

Topic 16: Modeling and Measuring Multilevel Resonance 

Topic 17: Fundamental Limits of Passive Heterodyne Photodetection of Incoherent, Broadband Sources 

Topic 18: Tensor Networks and Low-Rank Methods for High-Dimensional Computing 


Topic 19: Bioinspired Vibronic Coherence in Molecular and Solid-State Systems 

Topic 20: Engineered Quantum Materials Approaches to Room-Temperature Single Photon Detection in Infrared Range 

Topic 21: The Ecological Succession of Environmental Films at the Gas-Solid Interface 

Topic 22: Predicting Performance Outcomes for Heterogeneous Materials under Complex Loading 

Topic 23: Synchronization in Natural and Engineered Systems 

Topic 24: Ferroelectric Group III and II-IV-Nitride Semiconductors for Photonics and Electronics 

Topic 25: SCAMP 3D- Synthetic Colloidal Assemblies for Meta-Photonics in Three Dimensions


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