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14 April | CENTER OF EXCELLENCE (COE): Intelligent Structures for Morphing High Speed Vehicles

| All Day
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Alison Pearks
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The vision of this CoE is to discover novel feedback concepts for a high-speed morphing structure through a holistic evaluation of synergies and innovations achievable within the SAR framework. Proposals are sought that apply an information-theoretic approach to discover new sensor modalities, new information abstractions, and unconventional processing implementations through a holistic understanding of the SAR feedback loop: 

1. Sense: exploratory sensor materials and concepts with plausible survivability, power, size, bandwidth, output transmission, and integration within high strain substrates; 

2. Assess: visionary information processing hardware and algorithms for feedback of sensory data at sufficient time scales to control and leverage novel unsteady flow dynamics, and; 

3. Respond: novel compact, yet high performance, actuation through adaptive materials, collocated near assessment capabilities with appropriately matched physics to reduce overhead while achieving required morphing states under load. 

AFOSR anticipates making at least one grant award of up to $1,000,000 per year per award, for a maximum of five years. The base period is for three years, which the AFOSR intends to incrementally fund, followed by an option to extend an additional two years provided the COE passes a midterm “go/no-go” review at the 2.5-year point.

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