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Step 1 proposals - Heliophysics Theory, Modeling, and Simulations (TMS) (ROSES 2022)

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Step 1 proposals due Dec. 15 | Heliophysics Theory, Modeling, and Simulations (TMS) (ROSES 2022)
A component of the Heliophysics Research Program. TMS investigations must address one of the four high level science goals from the Heliophysics Decadal survey (Solar and Space Physics: A Science for a Technological Society that: 

1. Determine the origins of the Sun's activity and predict the variations in the space environment; 

2. Determine the dynamics and coupling of Earth’s magnetosphere, ionosphere, and atmosphere and their response to solar and terrestrial inputs;

3. Determine the interaction of the Sun with the solar system and the interstellar medium; 

4. Discover and characterize fundamental processes that occur both within the heliosphere and throughout the universe.

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