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Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams (ASCENT)

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Prelim proposal due 2 March | Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams (ASCENT)


The Addressing Systems Challenges through Engineering Teams (ASCENT) program is a strategic investment of the Electrical, Communications, and Cyber Systems (ECCS) that emphasizes new collaboration modalities among the various ECCS supported sub-disciplines. ASCENT encourages robust collaborations among the devices, circuits, algorithms, systems, and networks research communities to develop innovative projects. ASCENT seeks proposals that are bold and ground-breaking transcending the perspectives and approaches typical of disciplinary research efforts. ASCENT projects are expected to lead to disruptive technologies or nucleate entirely new research fields motivated by the most pressing societal challenges the global community faces. This ASCENT solicitation will focus on two specific research themes: Future Semiconductor Technology (FST) and Sustainable Micro- and Nano-Electronics (SMN).

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