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Jake Jabs Center Entrepreneurship Research Grants

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Jake Jabs Center Entrepreneurship Research Grants

Jake Jabs Center

The Jake Jabs Center is delighted to provide support for research that leads to noteworthy publications in the field of entrepreneurship. Grants will be as follows: 

  1. Up to seven grants will be offered to full-time faculty in the downtown campus.  These will be for $5,000 for each proposal, with $3,000 offered initially upon acceptance of your proposal, and $2,000 offered in a subsequent summer upon evidence of publication. Ideally, these proposals should target journals at “Level 1”” in Exhibit 3 of this article:
  2. Up to seven $1000 grants will be available for applied research leading to publications in practitioner outlets (including journals, business news outlets like DBJ or WSJ, etc.).  These grants are open to both full-time and part-time faculty.  

To apply, please send your 2-page (maximum) proposals to Madhavan Parthasarthy (, with a copy to Sarah Engel (SARAH.ENGEL@UCDENVER.EDU), by June 13. In your proposal, please indicate which option among the two outlined above you are applying for. Further, please indicate how your proposal topic is directly related to small-business research and also kindly provide an estimated timeline for completion of the project.  Grants will be awarded based on the quality of the proposal and its relevance to contemporary issues impacting small businesses in Colorado and beyond.

Important:  If you have received research funding from the Jake Jabs Center in the past, please provide evidence of publication for the proposal that you received funding for.  This is a precondition to receiving additional funding.

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