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CEDC seminar series: "Culture and Intrapreneurship here at the Corporate World"

| 05:00 PM - 06:15 PM
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Speaker: David Hartmann, founder of 3D-printing startup Helio Additive

Large corporations have their own character in personality. When things are going well, they are all the same (success papers over differences) but in times of trouble each react in their own dysfunctional way. Intrapreneurship deliberately challenges the rules and activates the corporation’s immune system. It’s like wading upstream through mud. But it can deliver surprising rewards.

David Hartmann has spent the last 16 years in the corporate world. During this time, he’s run supply-chain for the Indian-sub-continent, led global strategy & mergers & acquisitions projects, introduced new materials into new markets and driven a portfolio of global businesses. Yet he always had the niggling doubt that actually the world of entrepreneurship would be more fulfilling. In 2020 he left corporate to found a 3d-printing software startup, Helio Additive. He has lived in Shanghai for the past decade.
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