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CSE seminar series: "On Sonification: Detection of Acoustic Consonance and Objective Measurement of Musical Sound Waves"

| 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM
Room Number : 844 (Mac Lab)
Lawrence Street Center
1380 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO

Presented by Shannon Steinmetz, PhD student in the Theory Lab

The sheer volume of information is the bane of the modern age.  The growing divide between raw data and legitimate comprehension nears insanity as technology advances.  Sonification, relatively speaking, is one of the lesser utilized approaches for understanding raw data and we aim to change that.  The subjective nature of any Sonification technique leaves much to be desired in terms of reproducible and more importantly, quantifiable metrics.  In this discussion we offer a novel approach toward the objective analysis of Sonification rooted in mathematics, digital signal processing, psychoacoustic and music theoretical wisdom.  Due to Dimitri Tymoczko we have five major principles of music: acoustic consonance, centricity, harmonic consistency, conjunct melodic motion, and limited macroharmony.  In the first of many analyses of these principles we break down acoustic consonance.  We propose a mathematical detection algorithm and demonstrate the results on synthesized and real audio data.

You can find more information about the seminar schedule here


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