Tim C. Lei, PhD

Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering

The Laboratory for Electronic and Neuromorphic Systems (LENS) is designed to develop novel electronic and optical systems for neuroscience research and potentially translate these techniques to neural disorder treatments. The main research focuses of the laboratory include closed-looped neural control, brain surgery and stereotaxics, neural circuit modeling and brain-computer interface. The LENS lab is equipped with engineering equipment to develop electronic and optical systems for neural related studies, as well as performing neural surgeries and behavioral studies with small rodents. 

Prof. Tim Lei is the principle investigator of the LENS lab. He is an electronic and optical researcher and have been working on the design and algorithmic development of biomedical instrumentations for over 10 years. In recent years, he is working on developing a miniaturized and implantable integrated circuit (IC) chip for closed-looped neural control for neural disease managements, and to develop the next generation of brain stereotaxic system for small animals. In the past, he has worked on applying nonlinear microscopy techniques to study protein-protein interaction in kidney cells and to develop novel non-invasive nonlinear optical imaging techniques for eye disease detection. 


  • Closed-loop neural control system development and miniaturization
  • Real-time spike sorting algorithm development
  • Brain stereotaxic system for small animals
  • Neural circuit modeling using spiking neural networks
  • Optogenetic and electrical neural stimulation
  • Brain-machine interface
  • Neural clinical instrumentation development

photo of Tim Lei
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