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The Design Innovation @Denver provides world class professional design education, consulting & incubation support, across the entire design and innovation value chain to a wide spectrum of local enterprise, government and social stakeholders. 

Denver Urban Corridor is acutely aware of the long-term threats facing economic growth and societal wellbeing. It views the creation of technology and design innovations as critical to achieving viable and sustainable solutions to these challenges. CU Denver and its interdisciplinary Design Innovation @ Denver will support Denver’s and Colorado’s strategic vision by working with aspiring Entrepreneurs, MNC’s, Governmental bodies & NGO’s to address the emerging challenges of today and turn them into the business and social opportunities & growth engines of tomorrow. 


CU Denver’s Design Innovation @ Denver platform complements the growing innovation resources available throughout Denver and Colorado, but offers critical distinctions in its approach:

  • Co-Creation culture: Interdisciplinary and technology-driven design collaboration & innovation forms an integral part of our institutional DNA.
  • A Forefront Process: Integration of technical & business innovation with evidence-based design thinking, creativity & 360° user experience.
  • Cutting-edge research: Recognized leadership in system thinking and creation of advanced visualization & optimization tools and techniques.
  • International collaboration network: Proven industry and academic network & ability to facilitate and lead strategic partnerships.
  • Design Archetypes and Design Talent – Design Archetypes and Design Talent advancement in organizations to drive innovation, proficiency levels, and employee advancements. Pull image from pitch deck.

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