Hydrologic and hydraulic engineering


At CU Denver, research in hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) comprises fundamental studies and design applications encompassing the entire hydrologic cycle, with particular emphasis on urban hydrology and groundwater hydrology. The H&H program offers graduate studies leading to the master of science and doctor of philosophy degrees.

We are proud to report that one of our recent doctoral graduates won the 2017 National Hydrologic Engineering Award presented by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

Research areas within hydrologic and hydraulic engineering:

  • Flood Prediction and Flash Flood Forecasting Systems
  • Stormwater Low Impact Development Concepts and Designs (LID)
  • Urban Stormwater Simulation and Master Drainage Planning
  • Floodplain Hydraulics and Modeling
  • Highway and Street Drainage Systems
  • Laminar and Turbulent Flows in Pipe Network
  • Groundwater Flow Modeling
  • Permeability, Colloids, and Fractals
  • Plumes, Spreading, and Chaos
  • Environmental Hydrology in Colorado
  • Risk-cost Approach and Optimization Techniques


James Guo

James C.Y. Guo, PhD, PE

Professor and Director

Civil Engineering

Phone: 303-315-7571

Email: james.guo@ucdenver.edu

David Mays

David Mays, PhD, PE

Associate Professor

Civil Engineering

Phone: 303-315-7570

Email: david.mays@ucdenver.edu