3D Printing services

Students can use 3D printing to prototype parts used in prosthetics, surgery, or custom assistive technology.  This includes a wide range of items such as thumbs, fingers, replacement disks for spines, surgical tools for delicately holding nerves, plugs for osseointegration, and custom keyboards for people with arthritis.

Our printers are mainly used for research, development, and surgical planning.  This lab collaborates with surgeons from Children's Hospital, companies such as Point Designs, researchers, and students to discuss options for creating a successful prototype.

Metal 3D Printing: Direct metal laser sintering is exclusively available through the Biomechatronics Lab on the Anschutz medical campus.

Plastic 3D Printing: The Biomechatronics Lab and Inworks have high resolution printing resources available for students and researchers on both the Anschutz and Downtown Denver campuses.  We use PolyJet 3D printing technology.

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