2 State-Of-The-Art

504+ prototypes built | 300+ check-ins monthly

Our laboratories at CU Denver and CU Anschutz are our pride and joy, where we’ve seen incredible things made, researched, ideated, and designed. Laser cutting, 3D printing, molds and CNC Lathes are just a few of the things the community and students have access to at the labs at CU Denver.

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25 Interdisciplinary

1,367+ program participants | 100+ Alumni Companies

Our primary in-house minor in Human-Centered Design explores the Inworks formula, using radical interdisciplinary collaboration, design thinking, disruptive innovation, and computational thinking to solve today's most pressing issues. In addition to exploring traditional studies, Inworks students can learn law and policy, game design, bio-design, or even how to create a start-up.

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Over 300 Projects

159+ projects completed | Over $600k awarded in grants

At Inworks, cutting-edge research is commonplace. Our students collaborate with each other, the community, and other institutions to create amazing things. Wristbands that glow when the user is intoxicated, PPE created for Colorado healthcare workers, and the design and prototyping of a robotic arm are just a few of the things that our students have made in the past year.

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