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The building blocks of prosthetics come in many materials, shapes, and sizes. To create lightweight yet sturdy prosthetics, we explore 3D printing in plastic, carbon fiber, steel, and titanium. In addition, we investigate different methods of actuation such as miniature 3D printed gearboxes for fingers and twisted coil polymers. While some of these parts may look like something out of Star Wars, these are more than just computer-generated images. These prosthetics are real and they work for real people.  

Personalized Medicine for Pressure Ulcer Prevention: Clinical Measures of Buttocks Deformation

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Cathy Bodine
In collaboration with the Rehabilitation Engineering and Applied Research Laboratory (REAR Lab) at Georgia Tech, this research project at the BIRD labthe goal of this research project is to reduce the occurrence of pressure sores as a result of sitting in a wheelchair, also known as biomechanical pressure ulcers (PrU), through personalized evaluations and solutions.

Development of a 3-Dimensional Spatial-Orientation Palpation Device to Measure Relative Angles, Absolute Angles and Linear Body Dimensions for Wheelchair Seating and Positioning

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Cathy Bodine

Student Researchers:

Kurt Pierson
This BIRD lab project is working to develop an inexpensive, manual device for measuring body-relative angles, absolute angles, and linear body dimensions that assess and optimize wheelchair seating and positioning.

Real-Time Analysis of Kinematics during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Principal Researchers:

Dr. Cathy Bodine
The primary goal of this project is to reduce the pain and injuries caused by manual wheelchair use by developing a custom, wrist-worn activity tracker that provides information and feedback to its users.

BIRD Past Research Projects

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Kristin Wood and Laurie Baefsky