Steven Lammers, PhD

Research Instructor - Bioengineering


My primary research focus is on 3D Bioprinting technologies. In particular, developing and building new bioprinting systems that overcome many of the current limitations that make 3D printing of soft biological tissues challenging. 3D printers are currently being used to fabricate engineered structures using hydrogels capable of supporting cells and tissues. Hydrogels need to be soft to support cell life, but they also need to be self-supporting with strong gel characteristics so that they do not deform under their own weight. 3D printers need to be able to print a variety of these hydrogels, both containing cells and acellular, repeatably and with precision in a sterile environment. These strict requirements make translating 3D printing instruments into the clinical research environment challenging, particularly at an acceptable cost. My lab is working to solve many of the issues associated with creating a 3D bioprinter that works for more people.


Research Interests

  • 3D Bioprinting
  • Biomaterials
  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
  • Medical Device Design and Entrepreneurship

Steven Lammers CV

Steven Lammers

Steven Lammers

Instructor, Department of Bioengineering

CU School of Medicine Center for Bioengineering


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