Vitaly Kheyfets, PhD

Assistant Research Professor – Bioengineering
Children’s Hospital Colorado – The Heart Institute
National Jewish Hospital – Department of Cardiology​


My primary research focus is on finding a link between vascular/ventricular function and cellular metabolism in cardiovascular disease. Specifically, I am interested in learning what causes the progressive breakdown in vascular function associated with pulmonary hypertension, and how this influences cardiac function. We know that this process is different between adults and children, but studying the specifics of those differences (e.g. cellular response, vascular remodeling mechanisms, cardiac remodeling mechanisms) could lead to more effective therapeutic options for both populations. My background in computational modeling has allowed me to answer multiple questions about the mechanical interaction between blood flow and vascular response, and how that process contributes to progressing vascular dysfunction in pulmonary hypertension. Currently, I am expanding these models to study ventricular response and looking to correlate vascular/ventricular function with blood flow patterns in the pulmonary vasculature, circulating biochemical markers, and mircoRNA regulation of cellular proliferation and extra-cellular protein synthesis. This work is being done in collaboration with Children’s Hospital Colorado and National Jewish Health. Additionally, a new promising collaboration has emerged with Colorado State School of Veterinary Medicine, which would allow us to study this disease in a naturally occurring dog model in the hopes of finding treatment options for humans and their furry best friends. ​


Kheyfets, Vitaly, PhD


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