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Please register for all events and help sessions at least an hour before the scheduled time. Upon registration, the meeting link and event information will be emailed to you. A staff member will send a reminder email at least one hour before the event starts. The events can accommodate up to 100 attendees in the meeting room (including our event staff). The help sessions can accommodate 40 at a time, and we will have a wait room available for people who want to wait to get in. Please arrive to events on time, but for help sessions you can come and go as you please. All events (help sessions excluded) will be recorded and posted in the Content Archive for those who can’t attend.

Below, find Registration Forms for September. Submit one form per help session you are interested in attending.

NOTE: BEEP is now offering one live event per month. This event registration form is below. All other events throughout the month will be prerecorded and posted to accommodate more students' schedules.


August Event

| 07:00 PM - 08:00 PM
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Registration Forms

Event Registration Form
Are you a GEAR-UP student?
We urge all students attending this event to research neurosurgery beforehand. We ask that you provide your questions, which will be answered during the event. Upon form submission, you will receive an email with a link to a google form to provide questions.
Note: BEEP has transitioned to one live event per month. The "Surgery Watch Party with Medtronic" event will be the live event for the month of May. All other events will be prerecorded and posted online to accommodate for more students' schedules. 
Help Session Sign-Up Form
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