BEEP-CUPS Collaboration

BioEngineering Empowerment Program & CU Pre-Health Scholars

The CU Pre-Health Scholars Program (CUPS) is an academic enrichment program designed to provide resources and guidance to students from diverse backgrounds and identities who are interested in entering health professions. They are currently accepting enrollment from first- and second-year high school students. For more information, visit the CUPS website

BEEP's collaboration with the CUPS Program helps further our mission in student engagement and enrichment by providing BEEP-sponsored tutoring and mentorship to students involved in the CUPS program:

CUPS Tutoring Registration Form

(CUPS Students Only)

Please fill out the form below completely. We ask for a minimum of 5 available time-slots to best match BEEP tutors with students. Two tutors will be assigned to a tutoring session with small groups of students. Each tutoring session will focus on one subject of interest. If you require tutoring for multiple subjects, please submit multiple forms (one for each subject). 

You can register for tutoring Saturday-Wednesday for the following week. You will be notified of a tutoring match the Sunday before your session. 

Tutoring sessions will be canceled if you do not show up within 15 minutes of the start of the session.

CUPS Tutoring Registration Form
Which online meeting platform do you use? (select all that apply)
In order to accommodate for small group tutoring, we ask that you provide at least 5 hours of availability per week. This allows us to easily find overlap for students and tutors. In the next sections, please fill out a minimum of 5 hours of availability across all five weekdays. If you are not available on a given day, please select 'N/A'. All requests for tutoring can be placed anytime Monday-Friday for weekdays two weeks in advance. Any requests made after Friday will fall in the next request period. Forms will not be considered if less than 5 hours of availability are provided. 
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