Design Innovation: Health Care + Smart Cities of the Future

Join us to learn the design innovation framework and apply it to a problem from a human-centric perspective. Learn user needs, discovery, rapid idea generation, prototyping, user testing, and pitching techniques to convincingly communicate ideas to an audience. By going through the entire design thinking process, learners will understand how design and engineering interface in order to solve real, pressing problems in the world and to create radial, innovative technology solutions.

Course Objectives

Through the course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and explain the foundational principles of design thinking
  • Undertake a critical and empathetic analysis of a problem setting
  • Demonstrate skills in brainstorming and ideating solutions from multiple perspectives
  • Discover user needs and translate them into functions and thereby discuss the relationship between human desires, organizational needs and design characteristics
  • Defend and justify design decisions with data
  • Develop comprehensive skills to adopt a user-centric problem-solving approach
  • Collaborate in teams and build on one another’s ideas
  • Rapidly prototype an idea using everyday materials
  • Gain basic understanding and skills in mobile application development, microprocessors and electronics, and 3D modeling
  • Conduct user testing to validate their ideas & assumptions
  • Learn to deliver a convincing pitch using various media

Camp Details

Dates: Summer 2021
Times: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Location: CU Denver
Cost: TBD
Participants: high school students, ages 14 - 18.

Registration opens late 2020! Complete our 2021 interest form and we'll contact you as soon as registration is live.

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Camp FAQs

The CU Denver College of Engineering, Design and Computing has partnered with Codomo to offer this innovative camp. Codomo is an education technology company with a mission to deliver delightful education experiences to nurture innovative minds through products and experiences rooted in design innovation, an amalgamation of design thinking and computational thinking.