Cyber-Physical Systems Lab (CPS Lab)


The Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory integrates real-time embedded applications and system software with real-life physical systems like large-scale energy/power systems, ground and space vehicles, and communication and networking systems. CPSL aims to apply its research results to real-life applications, and educates students and industry engineers.

The specific research topics in CPSL include:

  • Cognitive management of energy storage systems
  • Industry big data analytics with the particular focus on wind power systems
  • Vehicle systems
  • IoT systems


The Cyber-Physical Systems Laboratory is equipped with:

  • Cutting-edge experimental equipment such as battery testing systems, thermal chambers, mobile devices, drones, etc.
  • Knowledge and experience from staff and students in system design, implementation, and evaluation
  • Close collaborative relationship with top institutes across the world


Liang He

Liang He, PhD

Assistant Professor

Computer Science and Engineering

Phone: 303-315-0050